Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Romantic Lovers Pendants

lovers, anchor, silver pendant, gift set
These unique and romantic lovers anchor pendants were made by sterling silver. Anchor symbolic to "well grounded hope, and well spent life". This pair of Anchors is a wonderful gift set for you and you lover! It is serving as a constant reminder of the love you have for your loyal pal.

Don't miss your opportunity to express the love you feel for someone you love!!!

small: 2cm x 1.4cm
Large: 2.8cm x 2.2cm
lovers, anchor, silver pendant, gift set

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Funny Elephant silver pendant

elephant jewelry, silver,pendant,animal
I am passionate about animal; I enjoy wearing them as part of my jewelry.
Since I love elephant, I decided to portrait them into my jewelry. Here is the one I like the most.

This eye catching "Funny Elephant" pendant is made by sterling silver. It is a cute and delicate.
It will be admired by anyone who loves animal. This unique piece would be a gleaming addition to your jewelry collection. By the way, it makes great Mother's Day gifts too. ^_*
elephant jewelry, silver,pendant,animalelephant jewelry, silver,pendant,animal
size: 2.6x2.1x1.2cm
weight: 4.8g
with a silver chain and a soft polishing cloth

Monday, April 25, 2011

We Belong to Each Other SIlver Pendant

You are mine! skull,skeleton,silver,pendant,etsy,men jewelry,lovers
Jewellery is an intimate gift, isn't it?
<<BOY>> Gives your girl this beauty!! You are going to make her one happy woman! Seriously, there is something about this silver piece that whispers 'we belong to each other!'.

skull,skeleton,silver,pendant,etsy,men jewelry,lovers

Dangling from its delicate chain, "We Belong to Each Other" skeleton pendant is handmade by 925 sterling silver.

6cm long

silver chain: 40cm

This pendant is sure to find a place of pride among your girl's various treasury. Plus, the pendant nestled close to her heart will always remind her of you...

skull,skeleton,silver,pendant,etsy,men jewelry,lovers


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Carriage Silver Pendant

silver pendant,carriage,jewelry,sculpture
silver pendant,carriage,jewelry,sculpture

This is a little Carriage silver pendant made by sterling silver. All four wheels are movable. It is very delicate and unique!!! It is very well handcrafted; like a little sculpture!!!

silver pendant,carriage,jewelry,sculpture
I got the inspiration from a princess Carriage toy car that I got from my aunt when I was 6. I love this pendant. It brought me back to my childhood. I have so many memories on riding at the car pretending i am the princess.
size: around 1.7X2.3cm
weight: 7.87g
silver pendant,carriage,jewelry,sculpture
Comes with a silver chain and a soft polishing cloth (Free). ^_*

So, how do you think so? Do you like this pendant?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

band of horses

i love their new album! if you are open to something new! check them out!!!
i really like indie music in recent years, not because it is a trand now, but their music is so relexing . you just want to laidback and have a cup of tea while you are listen to it.
i found their music at facebook which is so amazing! i felt in love right away! you can have it at :


i kept playing again and again in the office ..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Are You Ready?

I asked my sister this morning , are you ready for Christmas?
She said no. haaaa.. me neither...
It's still November. I don't understand why we have to start all this so early. There have been people on my street who've had their trees up since the beginning of November.
I will still be shopping Christmas Eve to finish up. That seems to be a tradition of mine I guess. Always finding that last present or stocking stuffer to get before Christmas Day.........haaaa...

To me I am kinda exciting about the first ever Summer Christmas.


Christmas promotion!!!

40 jewelry are running around my shop now...come and take a look!!!
well i know it is a little bit too late to do Christmas promotion, but anyway.. things are there for you to pick. give yourself a treat today.....

this beauty : Sterling silver feather pendant...
very delicate... you gonna love it!!!